ended its ten years of publishing on January 5, 2018. We stopped accepting content or comments on December 31, 2017. However, virtually all of the content is publically and freely available "in perpetuity" at

The articles, blogs, and other content, plus Thinker bios contributed over the years to are still available on the website at the following links: was voluntarily shut down when it was clear there was no longer much interest in consensus-building, high-quality content in a world that is being overwhelmed by a highly polarized antagonistic and sensationalized content of increasingly dubious provenance.

Internet publishing and content are more and more controlled by a few mega-corporations, and the loss of net neutrality also didn't bode well for credible quality-focused independent publishers. The world changes, and there are no good pivots when a whole industry changes with it.  We didn't go out of business per se, we simply wanted to move on to other opportunities while we could still do that in an orderly manner. We are still available to handle any wrap-up details that might arise.

We want to thank our readers – which reached 50k uniques per month – and our 1,148 identity-verified on-the-record writers, the majority of whom were Ph.D.s, M.D.s, subject matter experts and industry leaders, including even a few New York Times best-selling authors and Pulitzer Prize winners. We're proud of the 16,340 blogs, 1,491 scholarly articles, 469 comprehensive topical reviews, and 39 ebooks that found a publishing home here that may otherwise not be available.

The Terms of Use always provided that Thinkers (authors) owned and maintained their copyrights and all authors remain free to publish their work elsewhere at any time without prior approval of, or consideration to, Best Thinking, Inc. even if the work was previously published by Best Thinking, Inc. This includes all eBooks published by BestThinking, Inc. and all eBook Agreements are hereby Terminated as provided therein, and eBook authors are free to re-publish their eBooks at will.

We wish to sincerely thank everyone, including our wonderful families, investors, team, Thinkers, readers, and all the hopeful and visionary talents that made something extraordinary happen.